About JEJU air

The representative Korean airline, JEJU air. 

JEJU AIR is a representative and the most fastest growing airline in Korea.

Since the establishment in 2005, JEJU AIR has been expanding its scale in accordance with customer's request for reasonable flight ticket fare and is bringing a sustainable innovation to Korean airline industry.

JEJU AIR has realized the popularization of air travel and made Korea as a final destination of travel with a brand new way which has never been tried.

We are operating not only the most busiest route, Gimpo-Jeju, but also more than 20 major routes in Asia,such as Japan, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Guam, including other domestic routes.

At January 2015, approximately 1100 of team members are working, and the flights are operating based on Seoul Gimpo and Incheon airport.

We are ready to decrease all of our expenses for reducing customer's air travel expenses. We never compromise with anyone in the matter of flight safety and always try our best for on time arrival.

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